Monday, October 28, 2013

Blogging with Students supports Common Core Writing Standards (Part 1 of 2)

It appears that the Common Core ramped up our expectation in regards to writing, so how can we embrace technology, specifically blogs, to our advantage when teaching Common Core Writing standards.  Here are some key points for using blogging to support the common core writing standards.

For basic information about blogs, please go to the Tech PD website.

On that site, there are a few links to sample blog rubrics.  Scholastic also has a sample rubric as well as rules for student's blogging.

The key to successful blogging by students is the questions you ask them to respond to.  Blogging will not be as powerful if the questions you ask are not thinking questions.  The questions need to take students deeper into the content and make them think and reflect.

How can I get this started in my classroom?  Click here for Part 2 of this blog series.

How are you using or wanting to use blogs in your classroom?  
What subjects have you
used them in?

What are you blogging about?
Share your ideas and what you have tried.

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