Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How can I start blogging with my students?

Here are some suggestions for you to start blogging with your students:

  1. Use it to teach digital citizenship ~ blogging is a great venue to help students actually become digital citizens and navigate this world.  It is a great way to develop this knowledge and essential skill set.
  2. Post homework ~ it can be a common venue to post homework and a place that students can respond to with questions or comments.
  3. Recap of today's class work ~ students could share the responsibility of communication using the blog to share the daily happenings in your classroom.
  4. Weekly reflection ~ students could check-in via a blog and share what they are thinking about their learning.  What was new?  How does it connect with what they already knew?
  5. Continue the conversation ~ a classroom discussion could be continued, after the bell rings, to get to the lingering questions, go deeper in thinking, or extend learning.
  6. Creating a character/historical figure blog ~ instead of just reflecting and responding, a blog could be used to take on the persona of a different person and write in their "voice".
  7. Timeline or chronological log ~ Students can write posts and use facts, pictures, etc. to write about a specific event or a time or moment in history.
  8. Current Events ~ Students can use a blog to follow current events and analyze how different news sources cover the same story.
  9. Research Collaboratively ~ students can use a blog to research a topic or theme as a group
  10. Respond to literature ~ great as a written form of these types of discussions.
  11. Fanfiction ~ students can create new endings or plot twists to their favorite stories.
  12. Explain math problems ~ having students show their thinking for math is important and an important skill to develop.
  13. Keeping track of Science ~ students could use a blog to record hypothesis they develop and share their ideas and their findings.
  14. Create a science field guide  
  15. Language labs ~ foreign language students can practice with conversation and writing in their new language.
  16. Music Playlists ~ students can create playlists based on different musical properties and elements as well as analyze music.
  17. Art portfolio ~ students can share their art as well as reflect or analyze or reflect on specific art pieces or a particular artist.

I have summarized the following source in this blog post:

What ideas for blogging do you have or have you tried?

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