Friday, May 29, 2015

Using Twitter in the Classroom

If you are thinking about using Twitter as a classroom communication tool, here are some things to think about and resources to help you in this endeavor.

Great Twitter Classroom Connections  ~ This is a list of classrooms who use Twitter and that you and your classroom could connect, collaborate and communicate with!

Here is a list of Primary Classrooms That Tweet.

If you want your tweets or student blog posts to get global responses, tweet out the link to their blog or just tweet using the hashtag #comments4kids  ~ note.  it is a small c, not a capital C.

This hashtag is also great to look at for inspiration on what others are doing with students in their classrooms.

Here is a great list of ways to use Twitter in the Classroom.  Tons of great ideas!

Read this article about learn Why One would use Twitter for School Communication.

Here are a few examples of how teachers used Twitter to engage students in learning.

Finally, please read more at I want to Create a Classroom Twitter

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