Sunday, November 1, 2015

Google Classroom ~ Should I Add it to My Classroom?

This is the beginning of a journey to learn Google Classroom.  Are you in?  Do you want to learn more and possibly implement this tool into your classroom's landscape?  Here are some things to make you think and decide.  If you decide yes, I will be sharing nuggets of learning about Google Classroom that you can read, learn and implement (a 21st century style "make and take" workshop) right into your classroom and your practice.

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Google Classroom was introduced in 2014 in August, so it is a bit over 1 year old.  Google Apps, Chromebooks, and Google Classroom have truly taken off as a device and tools of choice in classrooms worldwide.  

Google made Classroom so that teachers could spend less time on paperwork and administrative tasks and it does this very well.  It is a seamless tool for managing the sharing of Google Drive documents between students and teacher.  This exchange works both ways.  Teachers can share very easily with students and students can share back.

One of the amazing things about Google Classroom is it is constantly being updated with new and exciting features.  Teachers are able to give feedback to Google and they listen and change Classroom to meet our needs.  As the video states, it is like the classroom's mission control.  

Are you ready to blast off and learn about this powerful classroom tool that will make your life and your student's life easier, more efficient and open new channels of communication, collaboration, and more?

Stayed tuned in the upcoming days for nuggets to start your journey!

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