Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Curating Your PLN Learning and Resources

Image result for personal learning networkAs you are building your Personal Learning Network, I promise you .... you will find great stuff.  So, what do you do with it all or how do you organize all the resources and links that you find.  There are so many ways to approach this and the best way truly depends on you and your preferences.  Read this blog post about this topic.  Here, I will give you a few suggestions that might help you.

In Twitter, if you like a Tweet (click the heart), it will appear on your Likes list. Likes used to be called Favorites.  This will help you "save" tweets that you may want to come back to at a later time.  

Diigo is a social bookmarking tool that will allow you to save weblinks, share and organize weblinks so that they are easy to find.  Please follow these steps to learn more about Diigo and setting up an account if this feels like it will work for you.

Pinterest is a very popular site for curating and sharing resources with others. Part of its appeal is how visual it it.  Pinterest is also a great place to go and learn.  Please read this online article to learn more.

OneTab is a Chrome browser extension (click here to add it to your Chrome account) that is very useful when you are in the midst of a big research or PLN viewing session and you need to save a bunch of links fast. Imagine you are reading and learning and lots of Chrome browser tabs are open to all the awesome links you have been sifting and finding.  OneTab is a great tool that can curate all those open tabs into one savable link that you can refer back to later.  Click on the One TAb extension and all open tabs are saved into a simple list, with one address as a reference.  From there, you can save that list as a webpage to open later, or restore them all immediately.  Give it a try!

Chrome Bookmarking: click here to learn more.  The beauty of bookmarking web content in Chrome is that if you are logged into Chrome, your bookmarks are also saving to the cloud.  Chrome also has an extension called Bookmark Manager.  While I haven't used it yet, it might also be helpful in saving and organizing weblinks.

Feedly:  A few years ago, I loved Google Reader but it went away and while I loved that tool to collect all my favorite blogs into one place, I haven't adopted a replacement tool for it.  IF I were to however, I would use Feedly!  If you are wanting to follow blogs for your PLN, I suggest you give it a try!  What is very helpful about this tool is that it is an RSS feed that will pull all of your blogs together and save you the time of having to navigate to multiple sites OR get email notifications from multiple blogs which then clutter your inbox.

There are many more ideas and tools to use.  These are a few that I have used to keep all my new learning handy and organized.  What tools have you tried?


Janita Underly said...

I use lots of the resources above to get ideas for teaching.

Janita Underly said...

I use lots of the resources above to get ideas for teaching.

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