Wednesday, November 9, 2016

iPad Lunch Bunch ~ November

During the November iPad Lunch Bunch, we talked about the following topics.  

Duck Duck Moose Apps

A whole collection of excellent Early Learning apps became free this summer thanks to Khan Academy purchasing Duck Duck Moose.  Click here to see a list of the apps that are available.  To investigate an app further, click on the picture of the app to learn more about the skills that the app covers, what standards may be addressed, as well as other information about the app and using it with your students.  

The Epic Library on iPads and Chromebooks

Epic is a great tool to use in your classroom, either on iPads or Chromebooks, because it gives student's instant access to over 20,000 books.  AND  teachers get free access to this library.  Click here if you haven't setup your free login. The teacher login is free to use in your classroom.  Once you have your login, use that login and password to login to the Epic app on each of your classroom iPads.   (or on a Chromebook) These credentials will hold and students should be automatically logged in each time they use the app.   

You also can create individual student profiles in Epic.  The benefit of this is that you can view a student's reading activity, you can assign books to students as well as create and assign collections of books to students.  

There are also educational videos in Epic.  Videos are from the Smithsonian, Blue Wonders, Animal Wonders, and Encyclopedia Britannica. 

Finally, Epic now allows you to import student rosters from Google Classroom. This saves you a ton of steps in creating Student Profiles.

Read here to learn more:

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