Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why use the Epic app or website? Lots of reasons why........

Epic!If you are not using the Epic app or the Epic website with your elementary students, you are missing out.  Here is an overview of the amazing features within this FREE TO EDUCATORS tool.

With a quick free sign up feature for educators, you and your students will have instant access to one of the world's largest online libraries of books.

You, the teacher, can create student profiles that will allow you and your students personalize their reading interests and also track their reading progress.

Epic empowers students by allowing them to read books of their own choice and it may engage reluctant readers due to the amount of books and being able to choose and read online.  There is a wide range of both fiction and informational texts available to support all areas of the curriculum plus new books are added weekly to keep the library exciting and engaging.

Teachers ~ begin your process by setting up your free account at Make sure you note you are a teacher, not a parent, to get the free account.

What kinds of resources are available?

  • Large selections of Read-to-me books
  • Educational Videos
  • Informational texts that are great for deeper learning and research
  • Featured book collections such as Big Nate, Box Car children and more...
  • High interest popular titles to engage reluctant readers
As a teacher, you can search books
  • search term
  • reader's age
  • by lexile level
Epic would be a great asset to your classroom. Use it in the following ways:
  • independent reading
  • group reading
  • Daily 5
  • Leveled reading groups
  • Listen to read
  • Whole class or small group reading (on smartboard)
  • Researching a topic
  • Create questions around books in Epic through the Epic tool to check for student understanding.

Give it a try! You will not be disappointed!

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