Saturday, November 9, 2013

Be a Lurker and Learn

When one searches for the definition of a Lurker in Google, here is the definition that comes up at the top of the search results.

Do not be afraid of the negative tone of this title.  Lurking, in this sense of the word, can be a great way to learn.  It is the starting spot for many in a very normal progression of using social media tools for professional or personal development.   

1.  Lurking in Twitter and find a few other educators that you find interesting or ones that post tweets that of benefit to you.  
2.  Find a few educational hashtags to follow.  The Tech PD website can give you some suggestions.  
3.  Participate in a Twitter Chat, again lurk and learn or maybe even begin interacting and participating in the conversation.  Here is a list of most of the educational Twitter Chats that occur weekly in Twitter. 
4.  You might now be ready to send a tweet or two and be a part of a twitter conversation.  

Seriously, be brave and take the plunge, but feel free to lurk first before you jump.

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