Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teacher Tricks for Google Drive ~ More Great Tricks


A quick way to check student's writing project is, rather than opening each individual file, use the preview feature.  This provides you with a quick view of where students are at in their writing. This illustrates how that works.  Check it out!

Research within doc                                                                                                   

Using the Research Tool within Google Drive, students can speed up the process of looking up information while working on their projects.  This tool enables them to stay within their document or file AND look up information.  Cool, yes?

Revision history                                                                                                          
When students are working together (and even sometimes when they are working alone), it is really great to have the ability to go back to a previous copy of their work.  Google Drive has the feature to allow users to go back to any revision in the history of the document.  A very useful feature.

Power Searching in your Google Drive                                                                         
The Advanced Search in Drive is very helpful when you are struggling to find a file.  It allows you to search by part of the name of the file, by the type of file, by the visibility of the file, by who owns the file, etc.  This is very helpful when your Drive starts getting full of tons of great files.

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What tricks or tips can you share with us?

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