Sunday, November 10, 2013

How Does Blogging Relate to Thinking Skills?

There is a direct relationship between Blogging and Thinking skills and here is why.  The power of blogging is firstly, in that students are writing. The second power of blogging, is that, if the questions or prompts are posed correctly, then students should be thinking deeper and thinking more critically, and being more creative in their thinking and writing. The power here is the questions.  Here are some sites that can help you by suggesting some ideas or strategies for asking deeper questions. 

Common Core ELA Question Stems by Grade Level & Standard
                  Grade K
           Grade 1
             Grade 2
          Grade 3
       Grade 4
  Grade 6
 Grade 7            Grade 8

What other tools do you to help you create good questions for students?  To make them think deeper and more critically?

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